Web Client Programming

Juzu makes client side programming easy as it supports declarative assets for JavaScript and Stylesheet.

You can also easily reuse client-side web libraries in your project with the Webjars support.

         @Script(id = "jquery", value = "jquery/1.10.2/jquery.js"),
         @Script(value = "javascripts/myJs.js", depends = "jquery")


Process all the requests of your application using controllers: a simply annotated method of the application with @View, @Action, @Resources or @Event.

Controllers request parameters can be Primitive Types, Multivalued Type and Bean types.

  public Response.Content index() { 

  public Response login(@Mapped User user) {

Graphical component libraries

Create your own libraries of Graphical Component and reuse it in any Juzu application by implementing simple tags.

Simple tags allow creation of custom tags with templates.

//my reusable footer
<div class="footer">
Created with <a href="http://www.github.com/juzu">juzu</a>
Hello Juzu.
This is how to make a simple hello word in Juzu!

Tutorial: Weather, JuZcret

Guide: Reference, Extension

Doc: Javadoc


Tutorial: Weather

Guide: Reference

Doc: Javadoc


or Any Servlet container

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